We offer specialized advice on the main areas of legal practice, for domestic and international companies.

With a multi-disciplinary approach, we analyze and address our clients' issues and needs seeking the best solutions for their interests.

The tax environment in Brazil is complex, litigious and cause high impact to businesses. Be advised by a specialist team in such environment is mandatory to reach out balance, compliance and competitiveness to your business.

We assist our clients to comply with the tax legislation on an effective manner, oriented on identifying opportunities and exposures to define strategies and manage risks.

Our tax practice covers from simple routine procedures to structuring multijurisdictional business models. Our main solutions are the following:

  • Compliance assistance

Assistance on complying with the corporate tax obligations, including invoicing procedures and tax calculations.

  • Foreign trade

Broad support on foreign trade matters, from classification of products and customs clearance to assessment on transfer pricing matters.

  • Cross-border transactions

Advice on both outbound and inbound transfers of property, stock, or financial and commercial obligations between related entities resident or operating in different tax jurisdictions.

  • Tax planning

We dig into your business to identify unexplored tax opportunities, such as different tax regimes and corporate structures.

  • Merger and acquisition

Advice on tax structuring and due diligence in merger and acquisition, capital markets and banking transactions.

  • Compensation and benefit policies

Drafting of compensation and benefit policies, including stock option plans, focused on reducing tax and labor risks.

  • Tax benefits

Assistance on dealing with the tax authorities and comply with the legal requirements to obtain tax benefits or tax rulings.

  • Tax disputes

Representation and assistance to challenge in Court certain taxes and set strategies to reduce expenses authorized by a Court decision.

  • Defense against tax assessments

Representation and assistance to defend against tax assessments encompassing federal, state and municipal taxes, both in the administrative and judicial spheres.

  • Tax refund claims

Analysis, calculation and drafting of tax refund claims, both in the administrative and judicial spheres.

Regularly advises a diverse portfolio of prominent clients in real estate matters, through legal advice, assistance, document analysis, acting from negotiation, through the execution of the operation, until the effective conclusion of the deal by the client.

We support the negotiation and draft contracts related to real estate projects, built-to-suit transactions, construction, exchange, purchase and sale of real estate, constitution of collateral, swaps, non-residential leases (including malls), brokerage, assignment of surface, among others, always aiming at the safety of the operation. We assist condominiums, corporate transactions involving real estate assets, as well as registration of transactions of property registry, Real estate due diligence for all kinds of purposes, deed analysis and drafting and paralegal support with Real Estate Registry Offices and City Halls.

We offer solutions in:

  • Conflict mediation

Using combined tools to develop a constructive way for people or company in conflict, in order to provide benefits to interpersonal and commercial relationships and reduce losses.

  • Credit recovery

Using legal tools combined with effective performance in the courts.

  • Risk management

Using the mapping of litigation liabilities, assisting the administrators in business negotiations, in order to provide opportunities and reduce losses.

  • Consumer relations

Minimization of losses resulting from product defect allegations, poor service, misleading advertising and other legal infractions.

  • Contractual and corporate disputes

Trading support to reduce losses and preserve value.

  • Bankruptcy and judicial recovery

Use appropriate measures to protect assets and lead trades, delivering results to clients.

  • Real estate

Proposition and defenses in lawsuits and administrative procedures.

Acting actively, as a true client partner, in negotiations and projects’ implementation, with the speed required by the business.

We offer:

  • Legal support to the day-to-day activities of the companies
  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiation of strategic or day-to-day contracts
  • Reviewing of foreign contracts to adapt them to local law
  • Drafting, reviewing and standardization of contracts
  • Contracts’ policy development
  • Contracts’ management

Contracts’ due dilligence to identify weaknesses, improvements and new business structures

  • Support and advice for the establishment of foreign companies in Brazil
  • Legal and paralegal support for structuring, constitution, mergers and acquisitions of companies and associations
  • Drafting and negotiation of shareholders agreements
  • Structuring and legal support to mergers & acquisitions transactions and deals involving the purchase and sale of assets, as well as drafting and negotiating the relevant contracts.
  • Assisting companies on  CADE’s approval
  • Franchise structuring as a business expansion plan
  • Support for the resolution of pending issues and / or customer needs with the Notary's Offices, City Halls, Board of Trade and other public offices.

Development and implementation of corporate governance programs.

We offer solutions in:

  • Degree of maturity assessment of the corporation; Risk mapping; Constitution and implementation of codes of ethics and conduct.

  • Training and support for internal communications.

  • Development and implementation of programs to prevent, detect and preventing violations of anti-corruption rules.

  • Review of internal controls.

  • Audit of business partners.

  • Review and proposal of contractual terms to mitigate risks.

  • Support for daily corporation enquiries.

  • Occurrence responses and guidance on corrective action.

  • Support for implementation of the General Data Protection Act

Data inventory, controls and policies; Policy implementation and enforcement (information capture, processing and use); Controls and auditing; Continuous improvement (reviews and training).

We assist foreign companies to establish their businesses in Brazil, providing full support with corporate documents and complying with the exchange, corporate and tax requirements provided by the Brazilian legislation. Our practice covers:

  • Incorporation of tailor-made company or acquisition of a shelf company already incorporated, obtaining all licenses required to operate.
  • Representation of the foreign shareholder in Brazil, acting just to comply with the Brazilian requirements or comprehending powers to defend their interests in meetings of the shareholders and the board.
  • Legal support on contracts and to hire employees.

Our labor practice assists our clients to address all their workforce-related needs, focused on anticipate issues and mitigate labor risks.

We support our clients on:

  • Court and administrative proceedings

We represent our clients on all labor courts across the Country;

  • Labor Counseling

Advice our clients to define human resources policies and implement employment procedures.

  • Executive Compensation

Drafting and review of variable compensation schemes including executive compensation plans.

Modeling and implementing of variable compensation plans through profit-sharing distribution.

  • Labor's Union

Guidance on negotiations with unions and leading union representatives as well as reviewing collective labor agreements.

  • Merger and Acquisition

Guidance on negotiations with unions and leading union representatives as well as reviewing collective labor agreements.

  • Training

Seminars to improve knowledge of labor laws to human resources professionals.

The government surveillance on certain activities and industries affect the manner how companies of such sectors can carry out their business. We have wide experience advising life sciences industries, importers, wholesalers, Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) and hospitals on their needs related to sanitary and other regulatory matters.

We assist our clients from registration procedures (of products, establishments and good practices) to government procurement and public-private partnerships. We also advice international companies on assessment of regulatory impacts on foreign investments in Brazil.


We assist companies to participate and defend their interests in competitive biddings, allowing them sale their products and services to government entities. Our practice covers:

  • Analysis of bid notices concerning the legal aspects to be fulfilled and to point out requirements that may be challenged;
  • Analysis of documents of the client to verify their accordance with the bid requirements;
  • Draft and file defenses and appeals against bid notices;
  • Attending actions and electronic procurements on behalf of our clients;
  • Challenge in Court illegal requirements on bidding process;
  • Representation at Accounting Courts.

Estate and succession planning consists of the business and financial organization of families and comanies to reduce unnecessary expenses, management of liabilities through negotiating debts, terms and amounts and to increase the fiscal efficiency.

The financial practice area are fully qualified to assist clients in securitization transactions, trade finance, project finance, debt rescheduling, incorporation of banking institutions, banking products and services, and mergers & acquisitions.

Our financial practice covers:

  • Legal counseling and advice to private equit and fintechs;
  • Legal counseling and advice on funding transactions and structuring of collateral;
  • Advice on payment methods, m-payments, credit and debit card etc.;
  • Advisory on private banking and wealth management;
  • Structuring and regulation of investment funds and other funds;

Legal and commercial issues are faced by companies doing business online, either already established or startup companies.

Our Internet and Entertainment Law team has an unbeatable track record advising to startups and entertainment and artistic events companies, including youtube and social media channels.